Saturday, 11 June 2016

Brahma's Ejaculation (The Delusion of Brahma) From Shiva purana

Brahma said:-

Then at my behest, the lord made the brahmins
kindle the sacrificial fire and performed the homa, placing
Parvati on the lap.

Siva poured offerings into the fire with Mantras
from Rig, Yajur and Sama Vedas. Parvati's brother Mainaaka
offered handfuls of fried grains.

Then according to the worldly convention, Parvati
and Siva performed the circumambulation round the fire,O dear.

The husband of Parvati exhibited a wonderful feat.
O celestial sage, listen to that. I shall mention it out of
love for you.

On that occasion, deluded by Siva's power of illusion
I stared at the feet of the goddess as well as the crescent shaped

On seeing them, O celestial sage, I became overwhelmed
by passion. My mind was greatly disturbed.

Deluded by the cupid I stared at her limbs frequently.
Then, immediately after staring at them, my semen
dropped on the ground.

I, the grandfather, was ashamed by the emission of
my semen. O sage, I pressed the penis secretly with my

O Narada, on coming to know of it, the great God
Siva became furious. He wanted to kill me immediately
because I was overwhelmed by lust.

O Narada, there was great hue and cry everywhere.
All the people trembled. Even Vishnu, the sustainer of the
universe, was terrified.

O sage, then Vishnu and other gods eulogised Siva
who was blazing furiously and who attempted to kill me.

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